Audio clip file on Glossary repeats the same file in SAB 8.5


My new build using SAB 8.5, has some audio clips associated with some terms in the Glossary. I pressed one audio clip file and then any other term audio I press I repeats the first one I pressed. I exited from the app but the problem still remains. I uninstalled the app and played audio file for a different glossary term. Then on the this file is played for any other term. In other words, the problem is still there.


Additional info: this problem does not happen on Android phones. So, the problem is with iOS.


Can you send me a copy of the ipa file that was generated and I’ll look at this

Thank you. I’ve found the problem and it relates to more than just audio clips. I’ve put in a change and we should be rereleasing the SAB shortly because this is a fairly significant issue. I will update this again when the build is available.

Dear David,

Thank you! I’m glad that it surfaced and you caught it early on. I will be looking forward to the update.


SAB 8.5 has been re-released for Mac. The only changes included:

  1. Update the template app for this issue
  2. Updated documentation for new iOS Certificates
  3. Added “Bible Society in Cambodia” to the orgs list