Audio clip on Glossary causes crash


I have built a new build using SAB 4.2. I have items in Glossary and many of them have a short Audio clip. When you are in the ‘book’ of Glossary, the items show up and the audio files play fine. The problem comes when you are in a verse (e.g. Joshua 19:15) and a word (e.g. Bethlehem) has a link to Glossary. When the word ‘Bethlehem’ is pressed the Glossary entry for that word appears on a new window. The link is appearing fine, but when you press on the audio link it crashes the app in Android. In iOS, it brings up a new window indicating the audio mp3 file name.

I would like to send you my build, but I don’t have an email address to send the link to the build.

Thank you very much for your persistent help!



I do most of the support for SAB on Android.

Can you go to this page and write your message there. I can handle it from there.


Did you submit a support request? If so, it can be closed. I have fixed this issue (playing audio clips in annotation popups) and it will be available in the next release (targeting early February).


Dear Chris,
How do I close the support request? I just used ‘Cancel ticket.’ Is that all?