Audio clips hosted online?

Our app has chapter audio files hosted online for download. For glossary entries, however, we have audio clips that are built into the app. They are not all that big, but because there are quite a lot of them, the apk (or ipa) files are getting a bit unwieldy, especially for sharing. So my question is:

Can audio CLIPS be hosted online? And, if so, what is the format for linking them from the SAB project to the online source?


Are you saying that you have put them online then made an Audio / Audio Source for them in SAB, and included them in the link markup and when you click the link they are not downloading and playing?

No, I am saying I currently have them internal to the apk file. I want to host them online for download, but I’m not sure how to tell the project to look for the files online.


Sorry I have been off having fun with grand kid.

The documentation covers this in Scripture App Builder: Building apps PDF in section 5.3.

Are you still stuck? Let me know if you need a skype call to help out.