Audio Download Error

I need help with audio download in the scripture app am building.
I hosted the audios in google cloud bucket.
after building the app, in trying to download the audio it keep giving this error message “Download Error: Please check your internet connection”
My internet connection is great, what could be the problem? Any suggestions?

It’s hard to say what the problem is, I believe you double checked your web address and that the file names are the same? What happens if you try Audio File Streaming?

Double check that the path is correct in the app, and that the audio files are named the same in the cloud as what is being asked for in the app. They must match exactly. I’m don’t think the error message knows what to display if they don’t match and that is a default message. This may not be the issue but it’s something to check. It seems to me that message is what I have experienced when that was the issue for one of my apps. Just an idea.

I suggest:

  • Double-checking the documentation, available in the help menu.
  • Try hosting an audio file somewhere else, like Google Drive or the Internet Archive.
  • Or, if that doesn’t work, upload some printscreens showing your configurations and audio-file locations, etc.

I hope that helps! Merry Christmas

Thanks for the observation.
The problem was actually with the bucket link, @David_Rowbory my former colleague ate SIL Nigeria help me out with what the url link should contain. So I did that and it work.

@Dan_Neville and @Alex_Larkin thanks for all your suggestion.
Is working now, all thanks to @David_Rowbory that was willing to discussed work with me while work has closed for the year :smiley:
Appreciate all the sacrifice from you’ll.

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