Audio download issues in SAB

For a while now the Audio has not been downloading from the internet in our Android app. Our audio is hosted on on an openly-accessible URL, configured to download to to a specified folder in the android file system. I think I first noticed this problem when I upgraded to an Android 9 phone, but I didn’t have time to investigate at first. I’ve since upgraded to SAB 6.0.2 but the problem persists. Another app I support has also noted the same problem.
Is this problem due to Android finally closing the door on apps writing to the file system? Do we have an alternative now?

The link you sent produces a 403 error. It appears to be a https site. They may have changed from http to https recently. Android no longer supports http links. What is the current url to your audio that you put in SAB? You can send me a private message if you don’t want to publicly share it.

You have not said what you see that leads you to believe your the Android File System is an issue here.