Audio files get downloaded to internal storage

Audio files used to be in folders on my SD card, after downloading them in the app. Now my phone creates folders in the internal memory which is less than ideal (less free space). Does anyone else have this problem? It happens with new apps as well as with apps that have already been published a while ago. The same app that before stored the audio files on the SD card, now creates a folder on the internal memory. It happens with apps that are installed on the SD card and with apps that are installed in the internal storage. My phone is Android 5.

One problem is that many phones internal memory emulate being an SD card. Difficult for SAB to distinguish.

I wonder now with later versions of Android if this is now standardized so that SAB can consistently write to external SD cards? I agree with the request since internal storage, for devices that have external SD card storage capabilities, is much smaller (and/or much less available space) than external SD cards. When downloading, can SAB default to the external SD card if it exists and the internal disc space if the external SD card does not exist?
https(colon wack wack) may be relevant.