Audio folder not recognised outside app package area

Build - SAB 8.3 Linux

App - Tested on Samsung A31/Android 10 and Mintt UltraY3/Android 9 with three different Apps which all previously worked to recognise offline audio folder.
Build Audio source set to download from internet

Problem - audio does not play from correctly named folder in the main folder tree. Audio does play from folder under the package area : Android-data-package name…

Audio download from internet works well … folder auto installed in app package area under "Android–Data’.


Seems no one else has this issue?
Rebuilt with 8.3.1 - same outcome - If the media file is not on the phone, the user is prompted to download - the new download is placed into the package area of the file system. Previously it was downloaded into the main folder (same level as Downloads)

If the media file is already on the phone, but not in the package area, it does not prompt to download, the play controls show, but no sound is heard on play.

If the media folder in the package area is moved to the top folder area, the media file is found, and play controls visible, but again, no sound is heard.

The problem here is that while the media can download and play, most users share files directly and place them in the top folder area - As they already have the audio files, they are not prompted to download, but they will not play.

Strange that we have been using this for 4 years but issue has not previously arisen.

I will try a windows build next weekend if no one else has seen this situation.