Audio in Introduction

From what I can tell, it is not possible to have audio in a book introduction. Is this true or is there some way to add it that I’m not seeing? Is there a hack that I can do somehow to get it to work?

I have the same question. The fact that this has had no response for more than a year is not encouraging. Please, someone with knowledge answer to help us understand how to proceed! I have had success making apps with book intros, but NOT with any audio associated with a book intro. I am now faced with trying to do this and am at a loss.

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There are instructions for including synchronized audio for book introductions in the PDF help file “Using Audacity for Audio-Text Synchronization,” much as one would do using Reading App Builder, but being sure that the audio and timing files for the introduction are designated as chapter 0. If any have been successful in making this work recently, it would be helpful perhaps if you could respond to this and describe what was done to make it work, and what version of SAB you are using. I’ve tried using Audacity to generate the phrases and then the timing file, and have tried with the timing file that Aeneas generates. Either way, I can validate the timing files and generate a good working HTML file and fine tune the timings, but the option to play the audio still does not become active when the introduction is selected in the resultant app installed on an Android device. Thank you for any insight anyone might have as to what perhaps I’m missing.

(One other note. In the appDef file for the project, the definitions for the book audio always begin with page 1 (i.e., chapter 1). The code for a page “0” is not being generated.)

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I just tried it, I upload my introduction audio file to the cloud. Did the timings and installed it on my tablet. It now reads to me after downloading the audio file. The speaker symbol appears in the Introduction page.

Yes, this issue was fixed in SAB 5.5, released on June 14 of this year. Audio for introductions now works well.

That’s fabulous news! I hadn’t been aware of it. The project I had been working on can now be updated. :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if this information was also in the PDF that explains how to use Aeneas for Synchronization (I wouldn’t have known to open the PDF for Audacity). As a newbie, I didn’t know all I had to do was make the introduction chapter 0.

One item that is NOT clear is if anything needs to be changed in the Paratext file, as we currently have it, each introduction is at the beginning, before the start chapter 1 in Paratext.

@Andy_Weathers, there is also a document “Using aeneas for Audio-Text Synchronization”

I have the whole set of PDF documents, and started with the one that explains the use of Aeneas, but it doesn’t mention how to make the audio play for introductions. Only the Audacity PDF touches on how to make highlighting work for introductions. But even so, when I create the trial HTML files it doesn’t even include my introduction text, so I’m doing something wrong.