Audio of book introductions seems not to be working

Is the function to include audio for a book introduction working? Using SAB 5.1, 5.3 or 5.4, following the instructions in the SAB help files for playing audio of an introduction: using Audacity to produce the timing file or using Aeneas to produce the phrases and timing file; confirming that the timing file works by exporting to HTML and using the option to fine-tune timings; adding the audio and timing files for the introduction as chapter 0, the option to play the audio still does not appear in the app. The chapter 0 data does not appear in the appdef file, and the audio and timing file for chapter 0 usually have been deleted from the audio page for the book after closing and re-running SAB. Any ideas that might help to resolve this would be appreciated.

I missed this one while at a multi week event. Can you send me your whole project off list?

In the project you sent me it has:

      <audio chapter="0">
        <filename src="a1" len="125492">Markus00.mp3</filename>

After saving and closing SAB and reopening the above is missing from the project.

However subsequent attempts to get it to disappear failed.

Building the app produced the same result you reported, in that there is no audio for the introduction.

It is added to the todo list.

Thank you for fixing this in SAB 5.5. Using audio for book introductions is working perfectly now.

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