Audio play button state - limit to one click

I have finally had a good look at creating audio Bibles. Tested using Backblaze as per the documentation (Backblaze seems to be a cheaper option than Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage) and it is working successfully. I am using streaming only, to try and protect our IP.

I did, however, notice a glitch that I think has been mentioned before on this forum:

Clicking the play button more than once* plays the audio more than once at the same time

… and you can only stop the last audio stream playing. You have to force stop the app to stop the other audio streams.

*Clicking more than once is done because the audio does not start playing immediately when streaming, so the user clicks again, thinking the first click did not register

Feature request:

Can the play button grey out and not be “clickable” if the user has already clicked it and the request for the streaming audio has already been made. i.e. an active state that indicates that the user needs to wait and not click again. This would be useful to avoid multi-clicks.

Something like this

behind the play icon. It would be nice (of course) if we could add our own gif** or similar video file to customize this.

**GIF might still require paid licensing to process in the app?