Audio playback of Scripture text in Community Checking mode

If I remember correctly, in version 1 of SF we were able to upload audio files of the Scripture text that users could play back whether they just wanted to listen to the text or were listening in order to answer checking questions. Is there a way to do that in the new version? So far I can only seem find a place for uploading audio in the question editing tool.

We’re trying to work out a way to use SF during a later stage than the initial community checking; we’d like to give access to some other leaders who haven’t been involved in the project so far, but would be good people to listen to the text being played by section, and then just leave comments as necessary where they find the text doesn’t sound natural, etc. instead of responding to specific questions. If a playback tool in SF could use our current SAB synchronization files that would be fantastic.

You are right. At the moment the Translate tool doesn’t yet allow you to upload audio or add notes. As you have pointed out the Community Checking tool does allow you to upload audio over a verse range in the context of a question. So your only option is to use the Community Checking tool outside of its intent. However it is somewhat flexible - if you only uploaded Scripture audio (no text or more generic text) you would get a list of audio “questions”. Your leaders could choose to “answer” only those that needed a comment.

Thanks for this quick answer. Since, as you point out, a question can be over a range of verses, I think that might work well for us. We’ll try uploading recordings for a section at a time so that they can make comments on each section as a whole as necessary. We appreciate this tool!