Audio played from zip file

Getting SAB audio to a phone is a hassle. Would it be possible for SAB to include functionality to play audio directly from a zip file as this article as this article suggests is possible?

Ross, I changed this so it is a feature request. That way others can vote on it, or still give an opinion.

Thanks a million… I guess I wasn’t thinking. And I’d sure like it to get lots of votes!!

I had considered this in the past to simplify the sharing of audio, especially for apps that are intended to be shared offline. I am interested in researching this idea…

Yes, all of our Bibles are distributed offline and so getting audio to people is a pain. I note that apps like ES File manager have a built in player that plays MP3’s from a zip file.

I have added my vote - we have also been looking for a way to share a zipped archive, as most of our users are offline.

I assume this is still not possible? We would love this too!!