Audio synchronisation: SAB gets thrown off by Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark

I’m audio-synchronizing a Children’s Bible that uses Double Angle Quotation Marks » and « for the parts of the text that are coming straight from the Bible. The problem is that the HTML export (browser) and the display in the app behave differently than the Fine-Tuning display! The phrases in the Fine-Tuning are perfectly synchronized, but in the app, the « character gets interpreted as its own phrase and therefore it throws off the synching, causing delays. Could this be fixed please?
In the Aeneas wizard the Double Angle Quotation Marks are listed under the Character Replacements (replaced with “nothing”) so this can’t be the cause of the problem.

I think this issue was discussed here and it looks complicated:
Timing files problems, possibly with guillemets - Scripture App Builder - SIL Scripture Software Community
Double Angle Quotation Marks are called guillemets, apparently.

Thanks a lot, CraigN! Your post helped me to solve it.
Apparently, in my text the « (which marks the end of a Bible quote) was sometimes followed by a space character before the line-break. I removed the space in SAB > Changes and this fixed it for me. I didn’t need to synchronise the text again, what was already working in the Fine Tuning output, now works in the text in the app and in a browser.

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