Audio Synchronization - Fails in Files with an ï or Ï in Their Name

We changed the files names for the audio used in SAB to the names of the books in the local language. We did this so that we could use the same audio files on (as a host for the online app) and in our offline version of the same app.

However when we changed the names of the audio files for the book of John to use the local word for John - Ïonis; Aeneas could not create timing files. It just left them blank and suggested there was a problem with the audio.

It was only after changing the Ï into an I was Aeneas able to create the timing files. After that we renamed the Audio files back to using an Ï and SAB could work with them so I think the issue was with Aeneas not SAB but I wanted to be sure.

  1. Is this normal? And is it an issue with Aeneas?
  2. Does anyone know if this will be an issue with other letters like ñ or Ñ.