Audio Synchronization file download from Internet

Is there any way to upload both the Audio file and Audio Synchronization files over internet, so the app can download both files and add them to the app?

If not, then this feature must be added. It will save the frequent updates of the app. As we have finalized the text without audio file and uploaded it to the store. Later on we want to add more audio, we can put it on internet with the synchronization file and app can download both the files at once.

This will help us building frequent updates regarding adding audio files.


@Raja_Sand no, that’s not possible at the moment. Thank you for the feature request.

I have a similar situation and just update the app as needed. I let the users know on the “About” page, app description, “what’s new”, ads, and in direct conversations that they should update frequently to get more synchronized audio.

You could also put in the chapter footer a note that they should update frequently, along with a link to the listing in the Play Store.

I think it’s good for users to be in the habit of updating their Scripture Apps regularly, as they are able.

My two cents anyway :smiley:.