Back Button in SAB 11.4.4

When I use the search function within the app, it successfully displays a list of all occurrences of the searched word in the Bible. Tapping on any of the search results appropriately directs me to the corresponding verse, which is very convenient.

The problem arises when I use the back button on my phone after viewing a verse from the search results. Instead of returning to the search results page, the app redirects me to the main menu page. This disrupts the flow of my study, as I then have to navigate back to the search function and re-enter my search query to continue exploring the results.

It would be greatly beneficial if tapping the back button after viewing a verse could return users to the search results page, allowing for a smoother and more efficient user experience.

I hope you will consider addressing this issue in a future update. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued efforts.

I agree this would be a helpful feature. I particularly like the way e-Sword app does this… the “back” button returns the user to the search results and then there is a “done” button that returns the user to wherever they began the original search.

Thank you for these comments. From Scripture App Builder version 12 (to be released soon), the Back button will return you to the Search results.

Thank you, sir. We are grateful for your dedication.