Background music always starting from the beginning

We have a story app with a fairly long audio file used as background music. Is it intended that the background music always starts from the beginning, every time the user moves back and forth in the story? Does anyone have experience with this?

Hi @Friedo, it seems that it is set up that way. You could always put in an SAB request for an option to have it glue the looping background audio to the audio in the story. …Or, in an audio editor, you could loop the background music, attach it to the story narration audio and import that into the app. Oh, but probably the audio will get cut at each page turn, which would not be nice. I see you have posted about this in another thread - Seamless page turns (uninterrupted audio) in reading apps

Personally, for the Picture Story Book apps I’ve built, I’ve never had a problem with the background audio starting over when moving to a different part of the story. But, I could imagine that with some stories it might be undesired to have the background music starting over.

Hi @NeilZubot, thanks for your reply, appreciate it! Yes, gluing the background audio to the other audio wouldn’t help either. If the seamless page turns worked, then it would solve our problem. Hoping for an improvement of this feature…