Backup older app version - best practice

Dear community,

I intend to make significant changes to a not scripture related app I created with SAB. Usually, I would simply duplicate the app project and keep working with the duplicate. If I encounter problems, I can easily roll back to the original. Now, SAB doesn’t have a duplicate function. What is best practice to achieve this? I do have the .appDef file, data folder, apk and sound files saved in a cloud. Could I then just override changes? And what if I have updated SAB in the meantime? I have created the app with SAB 6.2, I would update to 7.1 - would I be able to restore an app project based on 6.2?

Thank you in advance.

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In the file menu is a Copy App… option. That creates a copy of an existing App project.

This basically copies and imports the .appDef file, right? I see the apk is the same as the original so once I change the original, the copy will change along. But then I can just specify the old apk that I’ve stored in my cloud and that should do it.
So, thank you very much!