Bible app and Songbook app

Hi guys, I wonder if anyone has come across the same problem that I recently discovered and if you also then have found a solution to it. We are just in the starting phase of using SAB and to distribute it among the peoplegroup we work among. Parallell with the Bible App we want to prepare an app for their songbook. We were told a way to do that, and it works fine - until I discovered that once I added the songbook app to my phone, I could no longer access the Bible app and when I then tried to get the Bible app back, the songbook disappeared. I wanted to be able to have them both at the same time. When istalling it looked as if they are both there on the phone, but the icon and app itself was not accessable. I assume there is a smart way out of this, but need help finding out what it is :slight_smile:

One thing to check is the package name of each of your apps. Make sure they are different, otherwise one of your apps will override the other.

I made both a Bible app and Songbook app and didn’t have any problem. Mine have different package names, though.