Bible Karoke Tool

I was at ICCM Asia 2019 Conference last month in Thailand. I met one of the organisers of a recent Hackathon (Indigitous #HACK by Cru) in Chiang Mai. He told me that the main project from the hackathon, Bible Karoke tool, comes from a Bible translator requesting a software program that can create videos with Scripture text and audio to teach people how to read by reading the Bible. is an article describing the project a little more. This Bible Karoke tool currently works with Hear This.

Interesting. So I guess this is essentially like a SAB application, except that it is just a video, as opposed to an app? (Also, it does word-by-word “karaoke” style highlighting.)

This application connects with existing Hear This project in the system, take text and audio as input (user can also add custom backgrounds), and creates a Scripture video (with word-by-word karaoke style highlighting). You can see a sample video here.