'Bible Module' printing unexpected lines (\rem, \d, \r)

I’ve created a ‘Bible Module’ for printing Lectionary selections. I’ve got a \d and a \rem line in Ps. 42 that PTXprint is printing; most other \d and \rem lines are ignored (as expected). Here’s what’s in Paratext:

\c 42
\s A ne na kolivuti na mane te boro ti na oli dea i te na kokomue
\d A nodira na linge na ovu ni keme a Kora.
\rem s2 Vaghuru iti vania a God
\q1 \v 1 God u ngao kotoa na taluitigho…

Here are excerpts from my ‘module’:
\inc v

\s1 Easter Vigil, Psalm 7
\sr Psa 42:1-11
\ref PSA 42:1-11

And this is what PTXprint produces:
PTXprint_Psa 42

I thought the \d line might be triggering something, but a number of other Psalms in the module also have them, and they aren’t pulled in by PTXprint.

The \r line is printed in this Paratext context:
\v 37 †E mono a sakai laka na gegere tabu te bosa, me naa, \qt Ba kara berengia i geira na tinoni tara tua i kikisia.\qt* (\rq Sekaraea 12:10\rq*)
\r (Matiu 27:56-61; Mak 15:42-47; Luk 23:50-56)
\p \v 38 Me dea soko na dedea dini…

PTXprint produces this:
PTXprint_Jhn 19

Again, there are numerous \r elements in the module passages that are not printed by PTXprint. I don’t know why this one is… Thanks for any help solving this. It’s not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have it tidied up.

Hi @PaulUnger
Could you confirm whether you are using the module within an XXA … .XXG book (i.e. you can preview the contents of the output inside Paratext) and then printing that XXA-G book with PTXprint, or whether you are calling the module directly from PTXprint (bypassing Paratext’s XXA-G books)?

I tried replicating this (by calling the module directly) but failed to get the same output you are seeing. So there must be something else going on. If you are able to, please send an archive to the ptxprint_support@sil.org address and I’ll take another look.

I’m calling the module directly from PTXprint (Basic tab > Bible Module > Choose…). If I go through an XXA-G book, I get a single page, mostly blank, but with copyright info at the bottom.

I’ll send the archive you requested.