Bible text copyright & licensing

Hello friends,

I am try to build a bible App in SAB for my origination. I almost have done it. But I am trying to add copyright detail at the end of the chapter. But I could not able to find that option please kindly advise on this matter.

Thanks with regards,

C. Thiyagarajan
The Bible Society of India

Hi Thiyagarajan_C, I’m sure each app builder has their own way of doing this, but what we do is have the copyright in the footer, like this:

Of course you can have other things there too - we have a WhatsApp link for feedback in one app:

You can find this in the Book Collection options.

You can have different footers for different book collections.

We also have a fuller copyright statement in the About box.

Hope that gets you on the right track for what you need!

Thank you Corey for your help on this matter.