Bible Text Website

I’m looking to set-up a new website with the complete Bible text. Eventually we will have an app but going with a website first. I’ve done some searching here but not finding much details for anyone having done this.

Anyone willing to share some example sites and allow a look under the hood to see how you coded the site? I’m assuming a WordPress site but I’m not tied to that exclusively.

@CraigN - in searching here looks like you have done this. Any tips?

Some people use Kalaam websites. (

The software is not as powerful/broad as WordPress, but its focus is that specific ministry purpose and they have no overhead (domain/hosting) cost. It works closely with Scriptoria, which simplifies updates, etc.

Here is our Kalaam site. (

Thanks Mike. Love your site (though I can’t read it). I’ve looked at Kalaam and have an email in to them as well so hoping to explore more. In your experience, what do you lose by going with them, or wish you had which they don’t offer?

I am looking to host myself as we have other assets on a server already but not sure if that’s possible with Kalaam. Also not sure of the Wildfire platform and what the maintenance overhead is. My current plan was to use the Bible Brain API through FCBH.

Top right corner you can select English. (Nepal MatriBhasha)
It s primary purpose is to make local digital scripture texts available publiclly.

The only thing you lose is the wide variety of plugins you find in WordPress.
WildFire User interface is “similar” style to WordPress User interface. So maintenance is similar.

Got it - thanks again Mike. I’m new to this forum, but I don’t see a way to DM here. I’d love to follow-up some more at some point or grab a call even. If you would be willing to do so, would you reach out to me at aj_partner@pobox dot com (new users can’t post links)? I’m in Southeast Asia, GMT +7.

If your goal is to make Scripture text available on a website, the site already does this. It is built into the Publishing>ScriptureEarth tab in SAB. Build a project and add the PWA product to have Scriptoria push the text to the corresponding ScriptureEarth webpage. It will be viewable in a similar format as the app. It also adds the functionality to “install” on your device for using offline (PWA). Audio can be add with text synchronization, but this feature only works while connected to the internet to stream the audio.

Thanks Bill - ScriptureEarth is a tremendous resource. I didn’t fully share my use case in my original question but I’m looking to set up a fully localized website, single language, single version of the text. This will be an integral and complimentary piece to a larger digital engagement strategy.

Feeling more the need to see a Bible reader in a native WordPress plugin based on the DBP and Bible Brain API. Through my search to date I have not found such a plugin. If you are interested in joining in this project please let me know.

Kalaam Media hosts localized web sites. They can display scripture too using the SAB HTML export.

Some time this year should see a new PWA that looks more like the app.

@mcquayi Thanks for the note. Kalaam does great work. They are limited to only providing this within Wildfire, their proprietary version of the Drupal CMS structure. I’ve had some discussions with them but not sure their tech people are wanting to venture into the WP world.

@aj_partner I read the above and hope the following resource may be of use to you.
Biblica has created a Wordpress plugin that can be used to access scripture:

It accesses scripture through API.Bible and there will be different restrictions for what scripture you want to use. There are texts available in creative commons, you can find them on Open.Bible

Here is a short description of the plugin:
"The Biblica® Bible Reader plugin uses API.Bible to access the text of
over 3,000 Bible translations. This way, you do not have to store
Bible text on your website, and the text that is delivered is always
the most current version available. To include the Biblica® Bible Reader
plugin on your website, download it from here, load it into
your WordPress instance, and register for an account at API.Bible
( Every Bible translation has different
rules regarding licensing, and those are explained at API.Bible."

Thanks James. I was hopeful that the Biblica Bible Reader might be helpful. I have an API.Bible key and have installed the Biblica plugin on two different sites to try and test it out. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to personally get it to work. I’ve created a support ticket with them but haven’t heard back yet.

Ultimately, their plugin and the API it uses won’t get me the text I want, but I am trying to look at their code some and see what can be learned from it to re-apply. Biblica is the only WP plugin which is a straight up Bible reader that I’ve seen. There are quite a number of other verse of the day, reading plans, or link to Bible verse plugins out there. Many have not been maintained for some time, most all are very proprietary or focused on a single version, etc.

We are still looking for others who would be interested in developing in this space. More information and contact details can be found at thebibleplugin[dot]com. I believe this is currently a huge hole with something over 40% of the web being delivered via WordPress. We need an open source, mobile first, responsive Bible reader that’s not tied to a single API and allows for easy localization.