Black not a good background colour?

Recently a graphic designer told me that black is not a good background colour for reading. A quick online search seems to confirm this consensus and dark blue seems to be the recommendation, see here and here.

I have 2 questions.
Does anyone have some expertise on this and could you recommend what exact colour would be good?
I found when experimenting with it that you can’t simply change a backgournd colour in SAB, you need to change BackgroundColor, Pane1BackgroundColor, Pane2BackgroundColor, FoornoteBackgroundColor…
Is there a faster way to do this? If not, would be it be possible to have more colour schemes available that would change all if these with 1 selection. If someone wanted green for example, all of the background colours would be changed.

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I guess then it would be nice if the default “dark mode” color that can be chosen in the text settings within the app would be a dark blue hue instead of actual black?

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@CraigN Would you like to make a feature request?

The problem is there are multiple background colors that don’t share the same colour. They are all different shades. To get to blue, you will have to lighten the colour which could end up with some of the backgrounds being too light if they were all based off one colour.

The easiest way to keep the colours in the same range is to change hue and saturation to the same settings, then just play around with the brightness.

You might want to change the other black/dark grey colours, but it might not be necessary. It is something that would have to be tested.

A nice feature would be to be able to export and import colour settings, because there are so many to change if you are going to do this for more than one project.

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