Blind and visually impaired

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know how many people has different issues with uses mobile devices, but we must tried make read Holy Scripture it easier for they. This message about blind (visually impaired) people who more use the application by ear (Voice Over technology).

Main customers of our app is people from CIS.

I not sure that correct understand this request (because not uses voice over), but review from AppStore translated by Google Translate below :

Dear developers,
I’m very pleased with your application and I advise it to my friends but we are blind and your application is not fully voiced by VoiceOver.
That is, do not sounded the buttons please solve this issue with respect.

I tried reproduce this review.

I enable Voice Over on my iPhone

  1. on top menu buttons: (accordion & speaker) when click:
    voice over just told in Russian: “button” (without description, may be need add some like “Menu” and “Playing Scripture” or other)
  2. on chapter:
    in Russian: “Two. Button.” (without that is dropdown chapter selector, just told number of chapter, may be better “Chapter Two. Select Chapter.”)
  3. on audio control
    If i correct listened (from left to right):
    (In English): Id Action play prev (in russian):Button
    (In English): Id Action play (in russian):Button
    (In English): Id Action pause (in russian):Button
    (In English): Id Action play next (in russian):Button
    (In English): Id Action mode (in russian):Button
  4. on back button:
    (In English):Back (in russian): Button shown back (is correct for russian, but first word in enghlish)
  5. when open menu, if click to text (out of menu), menu not closed and VoiceOver start read scripture. May be it correct, but not sure. I first time runed use VoiceOver.

Leonid, This one is not listed as a feature request. So may not get the attention it deserves. Ian

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I changed this to be a Feature Request.

Thanks for that John.