Book Intros don't display in Modern PWA

I got the complex Selaru app to display in Modern PWA! So that is progress. But there are several issues with the results. (Not sure how best to post them as this isn’t GitHub so maybe listing them one at a time on this forum is NOT the best idea.)

Here is what I noticed at a first pass through the results:

  1. Book Intros do not display. There is a navigation button to click on to request to display the Intros, just like in the Android app (and the OLD PWA), but nothing happens. (Well, something does happen: it basically crashes the session. So, it is best to just close the browser window and reopen it.)
  2. Xrefs and Footnotes are being treated the same even though we specify in SAB for all Xrefs to just be given a * for the caller. (e.g. The reference \x - \xo 2:20 \xt 1Raj. 16:31; 2Raj. 9:22,30\x* would be marked with a *.) Only Footnotes use a, b, c, etc.
  3. No maps display in the BAK book.
  4. No illustrations display in the GLO book either. Maybe it is a “non-biblical” book issue?
  5. In the book of Ruth, we have both a picture of barley at the end of chapter 1 and a picture of wheat at the end of chapter 2. But the wheat picture is missing from chapter 2. And the barley appears twice, once at the end of chapter 1 (good), and again at the beginning of chapter 2 (bad).
  6. Maps in some of the Bible books don’t display. The map at Rev. 2:21 does not display. But the map at the end of Acts 8 does display, though it displays at the beginning of Acts 9! I made these maps myself, so this is kind of weird. Is this possibly an overly protective copyright abuse prevention feature, where if the picture is unrecognized it is deleted?
  7. Acts chapter 1 displays the book title but nothing else (all verse text is missing). Acts 2 displays just fine.

There might be more, but these are what I’ve seen so far.

NOTE: none of these issues appear in the Android app nor in the Old PWA product.

Sorry to dump this here, but I figured we need to know about these issues in order to get the Modern PWA fully functional. (If those working on Modern PWA feature would prefer I leave these comments elsewhere, do let me know.)

Even with all these issues with this one product, in the end, these SAB / Scriptoria tools are a huge blessing for scripture use and engagement. Such an encouragement to the translation teams and exciting to the speakers of these languages. We are very grateful.


Thank you so much for trying it out and verifying features in the app. Is this project in Scriptoria? Can you share the org and project number? I will take a look at these and create issues for them.


Book Intros do display in our Modern PWA

Cool! Good to know. So, for Selaru, it might be a USFM formatting issue. But so far, every book I’ve checked, the intro basically hangs the PWA, and I need to close it and reopen it. (I “installed” it on my Taskbar once I got a working version running.)

Yes, the Selaru project on Scriptoria is called “slu-Alkitab Selaru” and its project ID: 2017.
The org is Kalaam Media. The store is “Alkitab Maluku (inherited store)