Book name not matching

We have a songbook where the Book Name on the Book tab of the book in the Main Collection has one thing, but what appears at the top of the page in the app is something different. If we open the Book File tab for that book, it also has a \toc2 which is exactly the text we want. So we don’t actually know where it is getting this text! I searched through the .appDef file and could not find it. It does appear as the first \s1 in the text, but could that \s1 be used as the book title?

This is a Scriptoria project (we downloaded it from Scriptoria), and there is a .docx file in the data, but it also says that the source is not found. And furthermore the .docx file is found in \C01\B001, so I’m wondering if the .docx file isn’t actually used anymore (for example, it doesn’t have the \toc2 that we see in the Book File tab…), that there was an SFM file that was imported in its place, but if so, where is it?

So I’m tempted to try to get the SFM file again, blow away all of the books, and try to insert the SFM again. What are your thoughts?

Hi Jeff,
I’d be willing to take a look if you can post your project for me somewhere.
Andrew Shafe

Hi Andrew, thanks - the problem got fixed.