Book selection in tiles is backwards and aligned left in RTL language on iOS

When I choose the option to have the books displayed in tiles it displays them aligned left and from left-to-write instead of right-to-left, ie. Genesis is on the left but should be on the right.
You can see the Introduction (پێشەکی) on its own on the top is on the left and you probably have to take my word for it that the first book on the right is Joshua. Interestingly the text for OT and NT is aligned right as it should be.

This only happens in iOS. In Android it displays correctly:

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I have a project set up and it works correctly for mine. Can you send me a copy of your project?

I checked in a fix for this issue. It will be in the next release (which is expected to be 9.0)

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I rebuilt the app with 8.6.6 and it works correctly now.
Also the Verse-on=Image feature was not making videos but it is now.