Book Tabs - Scripture Reference

Scripture reference links in Book Tabs not working.
Here is my example. \xt Gen 1.1\xt*
Its not working in Genesis book tab.
Please help me in this regard.
thank you

I’m not sure what you mean by the Genesis Book Tab. Can you attach in image or explain a bit more.

Thank you bro for responding.

Those are scripture references written on GEN book tab named ‘Notes’. you can see them on the above picture. when i click on the reference links they do not respond means not showing concerning verses.

Oh you are doing something I have not seen. I’d like to see your source project. If you are willing then share URL via a private message to me.

Your picture is of the Viewer tab. That is a viewer meant for showing close to how the text will look in the app, but there are things it does not render properly. I think you are making an assumption that it is a browsing area.

If you want to see how the links work then export the whole collection to HTML and look at it in a web Browser.

Bro, above image is my android bible app screenshot. this is the tab for what i am speaking. on this tab scripture reference links are not working.
example: \xt Gen 1.1\xt*