Book to be drafted already has some text

I would like to AI draft a book. However the book already has some chapters or partial chapters already translated and checked in the PT project. Will these be overwritten?

Also, the book to be drafted isn’t included in the books that can be selected for training. I guess this is by design?

Hi Ross,

When you generate the draft, it doesn’t immediately add it to your project. You’ll be able to preview each chapter that was drafted, and optionally add it to your project. So you can just skip over the chapters you have already drafted. If you have chapters that are partially drafted, we don’t have a way of adding just a portion of a chapter to your project. You could copy a verse at a time, but that’s obviously not a very efficient option.

Yes, it’s intentional that you can’t select a book for both training and drafting. There’s potential this may change at some point in the future.