Bookmark, Note, Highlight

Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, Copy and Share are the features I’ve been waiting for and glad to see them added in SAB 4.0. But here are some suggestions for better user performance.
Bookmark - I hope a user would be able to bookmark multiple veses at a time. Currently it is available to create only one verse at a time.

Highlight - It is able to highlight multiple verses but in the highlight dialogue box it shows each verse in different boxes. I hope all the high lighted verses appear as one highlight in one dialogue box when a user highlight multiple verses.

Notes: When multiple verses are seleted to create a note, The note will only appear on the last verse with dialogue box showing only that last verse. I hope all the selected verse numbers are shown in the dialogue box.

I agree with this feature request mentioned here.

I would also add or ask the question - is it possible to pre-load “Notes” within an app? I guess this could be accomplished some how by using Footnotes in the text itself. But I’m more envisioning a way to, for example, include Community Testing questions as a notes (or some other way). Maybe this or some other way (integration with Scripture Forge?) to facilitate answering testing questions about the text.