Bug - Cross-reference


This is a second issues from the same user of our app.

Devices: Oppo A33w smartphone with Color OS based on Android version 5.1.

I’ve attached a screen shot of Matius 3; note that Yah. is not underlined in the cross-reference at the start of the chapter.

When the user tap on that cross-reference for Yahya 1:18, the app aborts. Then when he re-opens the app, and look at Yahya, verse 1:18 is highlighted (see second attachment).

I was not able to reproduce this same exact bug as stated in the second screenshot using 4.4, however when I am clicking on this cross reference. Yah 1.19-28 , it is displaying the popup of Mat. 1.19-28 and not Yah.

Here is the source code.

\r (Mrk. 1:1–8; Luk. 3:3–9, 15–17; Yah. 1:19–28)

The name settings in SAB for Yah. is the following.

Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for your help.


I don’t normally have the period in the Abbreviation field.

Would you repeat then the book name reference?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

I’m pretty sure she/he means: So, would you repeat what you entered under Book Name in the Abbreviation field, also? (i.e. put “Yahya” in both fields.)

I think that s/he, like speakers of many languages, can’t imagine a truncated abbreviation without a following full stop (period, full period). While it seems to have become common in English to omit the full stop after Bible book abbreviations, after Dr and Mr, and after initials in people’s names, in the language I work in, the full stop would be expected in all these cases.

Yes @WDavidHJ, my question is how the above should actually look like to make it work. I assumed this was following the paratext format but I might be wrong.



I am not a USFM guru. What I have seen looking at other USFM files is that the reference has the full book name, not the abbreviation.

I looked through the source code and here are the places where the Book Abbreviation is used:

  • If the Book Name is too long for the App Bar, then it will use the Book Abbreviation
  • Looking for audio in sub folders by book id, book name or book abbreviation
  • Grid view of book names

So, in my opinion, you should not be using book abbreviations in USFM but the full book name. In the documentation for the \r tag, it shows using the book name: https://ubsicap.github.io/usfm/titles_headings/index.html#r