Bug Detected in SAB Version 9.0 "My Account"

Kudos to the SIL team on the release of of SAB 9.0. :ok_hand:
May GOD continue to bless you all with his knowledge, wisdom and understanding towards your immense contribution to humanity and HIS works.

I’m always excited to see the new release of SAB and always looking out for the new features to try it out and I’ve never been disappointed.

Meanwhile, I have downloaded the SAB 9.0 and tried the new feature “My Account” and tried out but I detected that the feature didn’t work even after several trials when I wanted to sign up as it reported that I didn’t have internet connection to execute the feature.

The error read “Sign Up” “Sorry, we are unable to sign you up. Please, check your internet connection.” This happened despite good Internet connectivity and trial with the WiFi.

I hope I didn’t leave something out to warrant that? The app that I tried it on is already linked to the Firebase and I couldn’t simply figure out anything else.

I hope the team can fix this up if it is a bug.

May GOD continue to bless the SIL team abundantly.

Thank you and GOD bless…

The new “User Accounts” feature does require some configuration in the Firebase console, so the first thing to do is to check that you have completed each of the steps.

Go back to section 21 in the ‘Building Apps’ documentation (pages 76-78), and double-check each of the steps, especially the database rules and authentification.

Since this is a new feature, it is possible that there are some bugs in it, so we are interested to know how you get on so we can improve things. If the documentation is not clear, we can clarify things in the next update. Thanks!

Are you testing this on an emulator (e.g. Bluestacks)? I haven’t been able to test registration successfully on an emulator (although it works fine on a device). I get the same error message.

Have you been able to get it to work on an iOS device or Simulator?

This has not yet been implemented in the iOS version

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