Bug for reading/create KeyStore. Please do help

I tried on both Mac Pro and iMac. Trying to find what problem here. At very beginning, I thought builder is not able to open the keystore after creating. Then I downloaded everything and tested on my iMac again. Always can’t create keystore properly. I guess the builder can’t open the keystore on my Pro is because the builder didn’t created keystore right.

So again I tried to create keystore through terminal and made it successfully. However, still the builder can’t open it. If this isn’t a bug, I really can’t figure out what problem here.

Please, anyone, can help? I want make a offline reading app for charity. But I can’t publish if builder can’t open the keystore.

Again, much appreciate if someone can give some help.

I downloaded " Scripture App Builder 9.2.2". Still has this problem there…