Bug in chapter selection for multiple songbooks?

I recently created an app with 2 songbooks together, both of which have indices both by number and by name, but no other table of contents (for example to select between the 2 books); I’m counting on the user to select the book from the book selection drop-down menu at the top of the screen. And right next to that book selection menu, there is also the chapter selection menu, which I believe is intended to select chapters in whatever book is currently selected. Unfortunately, I think there is a bug in the app as it gets built because if I open the app, and immediately try to select a chapter, it consistently fails with the error:

Unfortunately, Ooro Gergiko has stopped. (Ooro Gergiko is the name of the app.)

If I change to the other book (using the book selector), and try to select a chapter in that other book, it fails in the same way. BUT if I first select a chapter from one of the indices, which takes me to a view of that chapter (song), then the chapter selector opens up and works fine from then on, even back on the indices pages. Unfortunately, I would think that selecting from the chapter menu might be a fairly common first step for many people opening and wanting to use this app.

I can send the project or the app to anyone who might be able to track down and fix this bug.

Hello Jeff. Please report through http://software.sil.org/scriptureappbuilder/support/. Please include a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder (or attach a zip file of the project).


OK, I’ve reported the problem there with links to this discussion, and to a DropBox folder with the .apk and the App Project folder. Thanks.