Bug in Two-Pane Layout Android app

When the app is in Two-Pane layout mode, the book introduction doesn’t work properly when it is selected through the chapter selector. The text in the upper panel either appears but can’t be scrolled or it doesn’t appear at all. The lower panel displays the introduction correctly and scrolling works too.
It was tested in different Android versions and also with different SAB versions. The bug seems to be older.

@Friedo I have a two collection app with book introductions. I have an older 4.7 version and a current 6.2.2 version.

I am not having issues like that.

Could you send me the start of the book up to half way through chapter 1? Private Message me that.

Thanks I got that SFM. Looks in good shape to me. I’ll test it more.

I have two collections with this snippet in it. I am having no issues with the introduction.

Can you send me a PM with a link where I can try with the whole project?

Okay so there are borders on both collections.
have seen the text fixed and not scrolling.
If you swipe forward or back into the introduction it scrolls. It on
I tried different borders and the issue remained.
The problem still remains with no borders.
If I try and move from a chapter greater than 1 to the introduction using the menu then I get no text.

I have written this up as a bug.