Bug report: Verse selector not working properly in Two-Pane layout

In the Android app, when two translations are displayed in Two-Pane layout: If you select the preceding or the following chapter in the book selector and select a certain verse in the verse selector, the app will go to verse 1 and not to the verse that was selected. It happens only with the chapter that immediately precedes or follows the chapter that is currently displayed. (Yes, it’s likely that the user will normally swipe to a chapter preceding or following but if he chooses to use Book Selector > Verse Selector, it would still be good if it worked).

I realize this is an old post but I am running SAB 9.1.1 and have the exact same problem.

EDIT: In addition to not going to the verse selected, scrolling in the top pane doesn’t work. Flipping the device from portrait to landscape mode and back seems to reset the top pane and scrolling works again.