[Bug] SAB 10.3.2, Cannot select (highlight) full verse

As you can see below, SAB 10.3.2 is not “selecting” complete verses - they are missing a bit:

Clicking anywhere in the verse (even the area not underlined) will initially select (underline) the verse, however clicking in the non-underlined area will not un-select it.

Here is the SFM for the verse from the example:
\v 3 او ویې ویل: «په یقین سره زه تاسو ته دا وایم چې ترڅو پورې چې تاسو په خپل ځان کې بدلون رانه ولئ او د ماشومانو په شان نه شئ نو هېڅکله به هم اسماني پاچاهۍ ته وردننه نه شئ.

It is not unique - about 1 in 3 verses exhibit this problem in my project.

A bit more info. I find on investigation that the un-highlighted areas are an exact match for the audio timings. The audio timings work fine BTW.
So for the example verse, there were four phrases, but only three are highlighted.
So, the workaround is not to use phrases in audio synchronisation, or at least not phrases like verse 3 below. That’s not a great workaround for us as we try to have shorter highlighted sections.

21.140 22.840 3a
22.840 26.720 3b
26.720 30.960 3b_14
30.960 34.860 3c

Just to confirm that the bug is still present in 11.0.2. As a workaround, I am doing verse-by-verse synchronisation rather than using phrase or word level synchronisation.