Bug SAB 11.0 Download JDK triggers error. Therefore download of JDK is not possible

Clicking on SAB on a Mac (Tools > Install JDK > Next > Download JDK an Error message pops up: “Error downloading Android Command line tools: no protocol:”
In that way the installation does not work and due to that it is not possible to produce any app
Using Mac OS Ventura 13.5 on an Intel Mac.
How to install manually? I tried it but SAB needs it probably at a certain place and I do not know how to do that.
Please help.

Kind regards,

I just installed 11.01 but the JDK installer error remains. It is still not installing JDK

Well, that is embarrassing. There was a one letter typo that was keeping it from working. I fixed that and I have rebuilt the 11.0.1 mac installers (dated Aug 4, 2023).

Thanks so much, yes confirmed, I just downloaded todays version and now JDK is downloading and installation ist working.