Bugs - Missing search icon, fonts icon depending on the book

Hi all,

I have received a user feedback from an app built using SAB 4.3, see below.

There is a magnifying glass search icon displayed for NT books Luke and John, Ephesians, Hebrews (chapters 1-9 only), … but none for most of the other NT books. Also, some books lack the ‘Aa’ icon for changing the font. Is this a problem with displaying longer book names plus the icons on one line?

The user is using
Oppo A33w smartphone with Color OS based on Android version 5.1.


Unfortunately, I was not able to repeat this issue on my phone nor the simulator.

Is it something that is familiar to some of you? Has it been already fixed in 4.4 or has already been reported?!

I built an app and installed it on a smaller resolution simulator (Google Nexus 4 - 768x1280). When I go to “Song of Solomon”, then the search icon disappears.

Search and Text Appearance are always available from the drawer. You can swipe from the edge of the screen to get access to the drawer.

The swipe gesture a standard Android convention to access a navigation drawer.


Ok Thanks,

so this is not a bug, but a feature that allows the user to keep seeing the full title name?

@ChrisHubbard, as for iOS, is it normal that the search icon never appears in all the books?



@francoz, I don’t think it is normal for the search icon to never appear. @david_moore1, can you look into this?

The search icon only appears in the slide drawer menu for the iOS app

I guess I haven’t been paying attention. Oops. :roll_eyes:

Will this be included in the next SAB release?

I encounter this problem before. its because of the title of the book is too long. I tried shorter title and they come back up.

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