Build failed error in an attempt to build app after development

This is the error I’ve been seeing when I tried to build my app.
MergeReleaseResources failed
Failure: build failed with an exception.
It has really been very frustrating for. I’ll appreciate if anyone can assist me to put me through on what to do.
Thanks in advance. Thanks also for all your assistance

Steve Jacob

Steve, please can you post a screenshot of the full error you are getting? There are likely to be other messages on the screen which can help us identify the problem.

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Ok Sir. I’ll send all the screenshots as soon as light is restored

In the App Builder\Scripture Apps\Apk Output directory, there should be a [APK-Filename]-output.log file. You could copy/paste the text of that log file as well.

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Thanks @all. I changed some photos to PNG and it worked. But in the process, I’ve lost the first app I’ve been working on which is already published. What can I do if I want to update the app?