BUILD FAILED:,The signed apk was not built successfully

I just got back to home country from India. I downloaded what ever was uploaded to Scriptoria from Kallaam. I then added two OT books (Ruth and Judges) and tried to do a build and it failed. Here are the last few lines of the output.log

36 actionable tasks: 35 executed, 1 up-to-date
ls: cannot access ‘/tmp/App Builder/build/SAB.001/a/build/outputs/apk/release’: No such file or directory

The signed apk was not built successfully. This could be due to an internet connection problem. On the first build, the compiler needs to connect to the internet to download some library files.

Copying log to output folder

I have full internet access and it is fast where I am located. If you need the full log I can give it to you.

Please send the full log to