Build iOS app stuck on "Writing fonts..." when Verse-on-Image is enabled

As soon as I enable Verse-on-Image, the iOS build gets stuck:

Simulator builds work.

Hey Friedo I had this too and Chris H figured it out, I’ll paste this from him:

I figured out what the issue was. In 8.4 with the Verse on Image feature, there are 2 new localizations that are needed:

These are for keys that need to go into the info.plist for the application if using this feature so that the app can have access to the photo library. The values in info.plist should be in English and then there are localization files for those keys. When I was writing the values for the app build (not simulator build), I didn’t specify English for the translation lookup. So it used Wolof which is the default language. There are no localizations of those strings and it messed it up in an add way (I would have expected a null exception … but that didn’t happen).

Anyway … the way you can work around this for now is to:

  1. provide a localization for these two Phrase Ids in Wolof or
  2. change the default interface to a language that has these translated.

I will submit a fix to the next version that uses English for the default (which are always there). If you provide localizations in the Translations section, then they should work correctly.

So if you put in translations for those strings in your language’s translations it should work.

Thanks a lot, yes this solved it!

This is fixed in the next release (after 8.4).