Build using older app builder version?

Is it possible to use Scriptoria to build using (user selected) older versions of the app builders?

There is a post (that I’m not allowed to put the link for in this post) that seems to imply that only one version is possible, but I wanted to check if it is possible to select an older version or not. That post is entitled “App Builder Versions used on Scriptoria”.


Sorry for the delay in responding. Scriptoria only supports publishing with the latest version of Scripture App Builder (well, the version that we have packaged for Scriptoria … which normally happens within a few days of releasing a new version of App Builders).

It is technically possible that we could support selecting a specific version (we keep a certain number of previous images), but we haven’t implemented that feature yet.

Can you help explain the specific use case for this? Is there a specific version of App Builders that you need to use?


It was reported (in Feb) that the most recent app builder had a bug, but building with an older version produced working apps.

This was more a general question regarding the possibilities of Scriptoria. In this specific case, hopefully the app builder bug was reported and fixed and now Scriptoria would be able to produce working apps.

We have updated Scriptoria to use SAB 9.3. I will look into an option for running an older version. The issue is running an older docker image in AWS for the build. We have been tagging them with versions but it doesn’t seem to be keeping many versions.