Build won't finish - gradle daemon won't start


I’m trying to build an app and am now (I’ve compiled using this version a while back and it worked) seeing a loop where the gradle daemon starts, seems to fail (can’t be reused) then tries again, ad infinitum.

Any clues. I’ve tried compiling some other projects that have worked in the past, but the same error,

I’m using SAB 8.6.5


Ross, if the problem continues, one way to fix it is to clear your Gradle folder, so that Gradle reinitialises itself.

You can find it here: c:\users\your-name\.gradle, e.g. c:\Users\Richard\.gradle

It can be useful to delete this folder from time to time because it can grow very large. I see that mine is 2.5 GB so it might be time to delete it.

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