Building apk SAB version 4.4 gives error but version 4.0 doesn't

I’ve built apks before but just recently I got an update to SAB version 4.4. I tried to build an apk in version 4.4 and got an error (I can’t copy and past the bash output to show the error) but if I build an apk in version 4.0 I don’t get any errors and it builds fine. I would like to solve my problem in version 4.4. I have a Bible app on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

In order for us to investigate this problem, we really need some more information about the error.

If you can’t copy and paste the screen, please take a screenshot and submit it to


Sorry, we found a problem in an early SAB 4.4 build that happened when using Google Analytics. This has now been fixed in the currently available SAB 4.4. Please try building again with the latest version.