Bullet points in table: SAB style or code

I was trying to edit the SAB styles of a SFM table marker to show bullet point with no success. Since it is table sell I can’t use \li… marker too.

The solution I found is to add a CSS code in the SFM. Below is a typical line from the project I’m working on and a screen shot from the result:
\tr \tc3 (“and” symbol here)#x2022; So that people will obey them \tc2 [Deu 6:1](C01/Deu 6:1)

My question is: can I gain the same result with adjusting the style of \tc3 marker? If YES, how? :slight_smile:

What I already tried is adding in the style properties is:
content: ’ \2022’;
list-style-type: (“and” symbol here)#x2022


Any suggestions and thoughts?

The first option seems the best since you don’t have it for every cell.
Bit confused why it is \tc3 and not \tc1.

If you want to add a bullet into the CSS you can’t use • or \u2022 you have to use the character it self.
You have to add a new Custom style

td.tc3::before {
content: "•";
padding-right: 1en;

But I doubt this will do what you want, as adding a \tc3 will create a table with 3 columns and presumably a \tc4 column too. But what show above is only two columns.