Bundling OT/NT audio together

I am working towards building an app with the entire Bible audio. The audio is managed by FCBH (see discussion here: Audio files from FCBH Bible Brain). But the OT and NT were recorded at different times, so they have two separate Filedset IDs. OT is SHUDPIO1DA, NT is SHUBSCN1DA. Here are the respective download links:
OT: MP3 Downloads - Faith Comes By Hearing
NT: MP3 Downloads - Faith Comes By Hearing

My question for building the SAB app, should I put all of the audio together in one folder? I believe I would need to have two Audio sources in SAB, one pointing to each of the Fileset IDs above. All of the OT books would use the OT ID, and all of the NT books would use the NT ID. But I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t use the same folder name for both of the Audio sources (the “Download to Folder” field), so they would all go together, do you? This would facilitate the distribution of the audio files, with just one folder.

Hi Jeff,
This has been a request of ours for a while now. We have run into this same situation. It can be compounded when one set of files is on FCBH and the other is not there. Further complicating the issue is when setting up an app for one of our, Kalaam, websites (OSA - Online Scripture App) or as a PWA, because there has to be an internet source for the audio, and currently there is only one option when right clicking on the books and choosing Export to HTML settings.

We are hoping a fix can be set up so each book collection will have the ability to pull from a different location. IE: some apps include a neighboring dialect which may or may not be on FCBH. In that case we have to choose just one set of audio to include. In other cases, FCBH may have only a partial set because there is new audio which we have on our media server. The current version of SAB has no way to handle that…as far as I know. In the meantime we’ve had to download the files and put them on our server, OR offer just one or the other set of audio files; usually the NT.

That doesn’t really help your situation but may push the feature request up a notch.
Best to you my friend.

This is a good question and I’m sure not the first time this issue has come up. I would think SAB would be smart enough to find the audio files if you were to combine the two file sets into one external folder. The app would call the file name for the chapter audio so if the chapter either OT or NT is found, then I don’t think it should matter if all the audio files are in one folder or not.

You would need two audio sources (one for each file set) though you could point to the same external folder as you stated in your hypothesis. Please test and let us know the outcome. Trial and error (troubleshooting) is key.


I believe that @jeff_heath is talking about Android app, not the PWA. We will be addressing the issue with multiple audio sources in the PWA in the near future (if I could only get some time to work on it).


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So @ChrisHubbard, your understanding is that for the Android app version, it should work with two different audio sources, one for OT and one for NT, and both put their audio downloads into the same folder on the device? (@Tyler_Hewitt suggested testing it out, but I’m also struggling with time to work on it! So I thought I’d ask, at least to get your “gut feel”.)

Hi Jeff, yes, that’s my “gut feel.” It should work. I’m actually working on an app with the same goal–just waiting to get FCBH permission for the OT audio – for some reason my fileset ID didn’t work for it. Two sources, same downloads folder. I’ll let you know ASAP if I run into a problem.

Very interested in PWAs that supports multiple sources of audio!

We have now tested putting the .webm files of both the OT and NT into the same folder, and the Android app can access them just fine. Interestingly enough, we put a “Folder name” in the audio source setup, and if we download the audio from the internet (FCBH Bible Brain), it doesn’t use the folder name that we gave (we gave different folder names for OT and NT), but just puts them into a folder with the name of the app. I believe it puts that folder of downloaded audio files into the Movies folder, I imagine since .webm is considered a video container. YMMV…