Calculator Bible App - Additional options

Hi all,

I have started building an alternative version of some of our apps using the Scripture App Builder Calculator security option:

In order to keep the user secure and make it look like a calculator app, a few things need to be changed in the project. I am thinking a few additional options can be added to SAB so that a new project is not needed to be created or the same project changed back and forth between normal app and secure app. This is how I see the process occurring in SAB:

  1. When a user of SAB selects the “Show a Calculator on start-up…” new options are available to add the additional app details.
  2. The following additional details will allow the user to add alternative app icon, name, package name.
  3. There is an additional build option at the top to build Calculator app and it uses the alternative package details to build it.

This process would help us develop apps without creating new projects and replacing the specific sections when building the Calculator app.

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert