Can Chapters be created in Bible Module? How many Extra books can be added to Paratext project?

I’m working on creating an app from an existing book which is Thematical Theological Concordance. This Bible study tool could be added to any Bible app created with SAB. The reference book I’m useing (The Thematical Theological Concordance) has 14+ main topics and 70+ subtopics and many Bible references.
My plan is to create a Bible Module for each of the topics and have chapters \c for the subtopics. Trying that, I run into two problems, which I was not able to solve or to find answer researching.
Hope I will get help here!

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to create more than one chapter in a single Bible Module? I’m finding that every chapter after #1 disappears after the save command is hit.

  2. If I stick to the Bible Module for this project, can I request more Extra books for it?
    Currently you can use XXA-XXG which is 7 extra books and I will need 14+. If it is not possible that more Extra books be added to my project, I guess I can still create them in two or more different projects and then when I add them to different Book Collections in SAB I will be even able to hyperlink between the Extra books. This complication might cause confusions in the future usage in other translations, which will be very good to avoid.

Both of these are limitations currently in Paratext. Users have requested the possibility of chapter markers in an extra book and for additional extra books. I don’t know if these requests will be implemented.

There is a potential workaround for multiple chapters in one Bible module file:

  1. As you create your specification file, mark the chapter breaks with the marker \cp followed by the number. Paratext will not remove these.

  2. When the specification file is finished, open the file in Notepad or another text editor and change the \cp markers to \c . Now if you open the project in Paratext, it will show the chapter markers and even let you go to different chapters with the chapter dropdown . But do not edit this file in Paratext again, or it will remove all the chapter markers after the first one.

Thank you @Steve_White!
Sounds like a very good solution! I’ll use it.

I realized that what works best is to create new chapters from the toolbar (left-right arrows) and not keep all the \c # markers on the same window screen.